Stained concrete Porch
in La Mesa, CA
Stained and sealed
concrete Patio
in Rancho Bernardo, CA
Exterior concrete Chula
Vista, CA
Staining is a great way to upgrade concrete patios. It is very versatile and economical, we are able to mix in hints of
colors, design accents or graphics to create a bolder designs. And it is highly durable as it penetrates deeper in concrete
producing a permanent color. It won't fade or peel away as with a paint or coating.
Staining concrete is a popular option for outdoor commercial
or residential floors. Stain is able to give a wide expanse of
concrete a vibrant and rich color that is not only low
maintenance but also lasts a long time. Concrete Crafts has a
large selection of colors, designs, and techniques for different
application that offers many unique looks to complement the
surrounding architecture and landscape.
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